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Helping those in need is an essential part of RUSSIANSinUK's agenda. We are trying to provide help to those who really need our support. Last year we were financially supporting The Urals Orphans Foundation that gives aid to orphans living in childrens' home across the Urals region in Russia.

RUSSIANSinUK Birthday Party

RUSSIANSinUK celebrates its Birthday. All the money raised will be donated to Harley Street Clinic for children who suffer from cancer. A social movement has spontaneously emerged around the kids from CIS who are being treated in Harley Street Clinic in London, this movement being aimed at a provision of assistance and support. Mainly such volunteers include former USSR residents who currently reside in London – from general labourers to well-to-do people: they help as best as they can – bring food, fruit, take out for walks, give lessons, create websites, collect money.  

To help the children you can buy a ticket to RUSSIANSinUK Birthday Part (click to buy) or send the money to the Harley Street Clinic directly.

Bank account

Harley Street Clinic
Barclays Bank plc
St. Johns Wood and Swiss Cottage Branch
Sort Code: 20-74-63
Account number: 80933279
International Swift Code number: BARCGB22
IBAN number: GB92BARC20746380933279


Harley Street Clinic, Patients Accounts, 35 Weymouth Street London W1G 8BJ

Monthly Networking Events

Every month RUSSIANSinUK holdNetworking events at Home House Club. All money goes to charity.

8 March Party

RUSSIANSinUK donated £1,500 to Harley Street Clinic towards helping little critically ill 3 year old Russian girl Dasha.

September Charity Event

September Charity Event had a wide press coverage and left a collection of wonderful memories for the guests and attendees. 

For more than five hours the guests of the event were entertained in a wonderful atmosphere of happiness and enjoyment. The surprises from the event organizers, the welcome champagne, the professional dance shows made the charity event both enjoyable and memorable to our guests. 

With your help we managed to collect £2,257. All of the collected funds were sent to the Urals Orphans Foundation for the wellbeing, development and education of the parentless Russian children. It is reassuring to know how many people have supported us in our charitable project. 

Thank you for Your help! 


View our detailed report >>


Xmas Party

On 28th November RUSSIANSinUK organized Christmas celebration in cosy Bouzoukia on the Hill. It was a great Xmas party that exceeded guests’ expectations. 

Presents, lottery, fantastic menu of Russian dishes and an energetic live band made the party exciting and unforgettable. Everything ran smoothly and everyone had a fabulous time. 

With your help we managed to raise £ 1,316. All the money was forwarded to The Urals Orphans Foundation. 

View our detailed report >>

Ural Orphaz Foundation
Ural Orphaz Foundation